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You can generate up to 1000 cuids at a time using the Bulk Cuid Generator. Select the cuid version you require - either version-1 or version-2 - by selecting it from the drop-down list.

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Cuid in a nutshell

Collision-resistant ids optimized for horizontal scaling and binary search lookup performance.

Version 1

Cuid, or Collision-resistant Unique Identifier, is a highly efficient system for generating unique IDs, utilizing timestamps and counters for scalability and fingerprints to prevent collisions among multiple clients. It excels in speed by allowing quick and synchronous ID generation, eliminating the need for database round trips.Read more about Cuid

Version 2

Cuid2 is the next generation of Cuid, which has been used in thousands of applications for over a decade with no confirmed collision reports. The changes in Cuid2 are significant and could potentially disrupt the many projects that rely on Cuid, so we decided to create a replacement library and id standard, instead. Cuid is now deprecated in favor of Cuid2.Read more about Cuid2