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You can generate up to 1000 UUIDs at a time using the Bulk UUID Generator. Select the UUID version you require - either version-1, version-4 or version-7 - by selecting it from the drop-down list.

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UUID in a nutshell

Because you might be a little confused about what a UUID actually is.

Version 1

A version 1 UUID is a unique identifier that is generated from a timestamp and the MAC address of the computer, ensuring uniqueness. However, because the MAC address is exposed, it poses potential privacy and security risks.Read more about v1

Version 4

A version 4 UUID is a unique identifier generated from random numbers. This makes it highly unlikely that any two UUIDs will ever be the same. The version 4 UUIDs generated by this site use a secure random number generator for maximum security.Read more about v4


The GUID is a unique identifier, similar to UUID, but used in Windows systems. It's generated using a random or pseudo-random number generator to produce a 128-bit value, which is then represented as a 32-digit hexadecimal string.